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About Us

Allurre Wang (Founder) | 王子儒 | CEO, Music Artist, Producer, Designer | LUXLIVIN ENT.


I had a friend ask me a great question today, although it wasn’t the first.

What makes LUXLIVIN shirts so different or distinguishable from other brands?

1. Well, hm…for one, we’re first to go down in history being branded as a Premium Business Luxury & Streetwear clothing line.

2. We target those with an entrepreneurial and self-sustaining mindset. LUXLIVIN salutes to those who simply get their butt cheeks off their computer seats to make things happen.

3. My ultimate goal stretches beyond just creating a high-quality, mobility-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing shirt. Anyone can do that.

What’s more important to me is to use the messages conveyed in each shirt to help validate our buyer’s own identity, or who he aspires to be.

In other words, my job doesn’t rest at just making someone ‘look good,’ and I’m not discounting the importance of it either.

I want owners of LUXLIVIN tees to ‘feel extraordinarily good.’ To find discipline, motivation, and energy — that surge of adrenaline, momentum, and much-needed emotional commitment to ‘live life as they envision it.’ I want this feeling to be timeless.

In essence, I want our collection give you motivation to plan and develop a personal regime to reach your desired or ideal state of being.

Personally, empowering people proves to be rewarding and time worthy in this business rather than just fulfill a one-dimensional objective of external self-glorification.

Well, it’s time to get back to work and clear the projects in the pipelines.

Have a great day everyone,


Andrew Wang

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