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    Frequency is All Around Us | DAFF 2014 | Allurre Wang

    Andrew Wang Photography & Digital Art | DAFF 2014 A compilation of 36 photos, each depicting a...

    The Beauty in Seismic Shifts of Light

    Andrew (Allurre) Wang’s photography concept: Capturing the essence of light from different time periods, and subsequently lacing them together seamlessly to create a story for it’s direction of movement. Giving life, to light.

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    H.O.S.T Crew – Fede & Jimmyjamma

    Featuring: Fede + Jimmyjamma of H.O.S.T Crew Photography: Andrew (Allurre) Wang

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    BBOP – Shanghai’s Number 1 Beatboxer

    Featuring: BBOP (H.O.S.T Crew) Shanghai’s Number 1 Beatboxer. Photography by: Andrew (Allurre) Wang Check out Andrew’s new personal page (coming soon) at: