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  • Our Mission

    Prior to becoming the CEO and mastermind behind the LUXLIVIN movement, Allurre was a veteran rapper and...

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    LUXLIVIN x 1626 Magazine

    1626 Magazine is the first urban and streetwear fashion magazine to circulate all kiosks, magazine booths, bookstores,...

    Anamnesis – Photoshoot x BBOP from H.O.S.T

    Anamnesis: Probing and communicating with the soul of an individual’s previous existence. Photoshoot x BBOP. Visit Andrew Wang’s (Allurre) official website:

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    LUXLIVIN Rumors Jewelry Store Launching Soon

    November sure swept past fast.I’m beginning to think that the element of time continuum is one that gains more stealth and speed as we age. Not that I’m feeling old and cranky (I’m still quite young), I’d rather consider myself going through a phase of expected shifts in life perspective. That’s the...

  • About Us
    Words from CEO – Andrew Wang

    I had a friend ask me a great question today, although it wasn’t the first. What makes LUXLIVIN shirts so different or distinguishable from other brands? 1. Well, hm…for one, we’re first to go down in history being branded as a Premium Business Luxury & Streetwear clothing line. 2. We target those...

  • Artist Power Management
    3 Quick Tips To Make More Sales As An Artist

    Here are 3 marketing principles I’d like to shed light on to help bolster your income dramatically with your independent marketing efforts. Some of you may already have thought of this, but just take it as a grain of reinforcement that it works, even if you’re not seeing major positive results yet....