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We represent a progressive lifestyle brand aiming to inspire and empower the community.

Call it a proactive dedication to all go-getters & deserving overachievers; for those who put in work to shape a better tomorrow.

It is not just about financial gains; it is about gaining more perspective and giving back.

Our service and designs cater not just to young well-connected highbrow executives; we are calling out to all those vying to become industry tycoons; the up-and-coming power players.

Music & Design Services

LUXLIVIN houses a young and growing professional team of music-savvy, fashion forward artists.
Armed with boundless ambition, drive and creativity, our mission is to help propel your project; to help make your project take-off.

We are firm believers of establishing distinction, brand originality, and nurturing quality.

To share our insights & knowledge cultivated decades deep in the music & urban fashion industry is a way in which we are honored to return to the world.

Meeting your creative and musical need is our priority. We adhere strongly to our signature philosophy: Only go for phenomenal.


设计: 视觉GFX/服饰

艺人: 综合管理

营销: 数字营销/品牌营销

音乐: 制作/作曲

视频: 拍摄/ 制作

LUXLIVIN 是一个领先品牌,代表了一个时尚的群体。

LUXLIVIN 帮助所有实干家,创业者,成功人士以及想要不断发展的每个人。我们做的不只是帮助你获取更多经济收益,我们帮助你取得更多长远规划和回报。


音乐 & 设计

LUXLIVIN 拥有一个年轻的专业团队,汇聚了音乐和时尚兼备的艺人。我们目标远大,拥有无限的动力与潜力。我们的使命是推动你的项目发展,让你保持微笑。