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Products and Services

Livin That Luxury “LTL” Collection

We represent a lifestyle brand aiming to inspire and give power to the community.
Call it a dedication to all go-getters, business-minded & overachievers; for those who put in work to shape a better tomorrow. It is not just about financial gains; it is about gaining more perspective.
Our designs cater not just to young well-connected highbrow executives; we are calling out to all those vying to become industry tycoons proactively; the up and coming power players.
Music & Design
LUXLIVIN houses a young professional team of music savvy & fashion forward artists. Armed with boundless ambition, drive and talent, our mission is to help propel your project; to bring that lingering smile to your face.
We are firm believers of branding distinction, originality, and superior quality. To share our insight & knowledge cultivated through years of experience in the music & urban fashion industry is a way in which we are honored to return to the society.
Meeting your creative and musical need is our priority! We adhere strongly to our work philosophy: Promising only the phenomenal.

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