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Allurre Wang (Founder) | 王子儒 | CEO, Music Artist, Producer, Designer | LUXLIVIN ENT.

Taiwanese Rapper Transcending Industry Norms

Taking The Art Of Rap Global & Transcending Industry Norms

Bilingual Taiwanese rapper Andrew Wang proves he is a force to be reckoned with, by combining his love for the art of music—with his business savvy approach.

WORLDWIDE, November 27, 2014—It is estimated that less than 5% of musicians achieve enough success to enjoy the amount of success they require to live off of their passion for their art full-time. Even artist who have the “It Factor” required to make it big, can fail—because they lack the business savvy that is essential to make the career choices that lead to long-lasting success. That being said, those who can combine artistry with intellect will enjoy their art for many years to come—just as bilingual rapper Andrew Wang has done.

Wang entered the music industry over a decade ago, and quickly learned that diversifying his portfolio would help him to achieve the success he desired. Not only a talented Taiwanese rapper, Wang began writing and producing hits for other artists based in Shanghai’s hiphop scene.He surrounds himself with creative individuals, and specializes not only in Music—but also Marketing and Fashion.

“Andrew Wang is a prolific songwriter, who has a knack for crafting chart topping hits. He is a versatile artist who has become one of the most sought after, and premier bilingual rappers and producers in Taiwan.”

On top of that, Wang is a bilingual taiwanese rapper who delivers his rhymes in both English and Mandarin verbal acrobatics. This allows him the flexibility and freedom to cross over to a larger audience base—as well as experiment with the current styles of rap most popular from around the globe.

“My love of the art of rap is what keeps me writing and laying down my own tracks, but it is my passion of music that has me collaborating with others as a songwriter and producer too.” Andrew Wang

To learn more about the musical styling’s of Taiwanese rapper in Shanghai: Andrew Wang please visit or


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