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Being Phenomenal: Overcoming the Stigma of Society

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Go For Phenomenal | Overcoming Society’s Stigma

By Archer Casio

We are often plagued with what the norms of the society dictates. Being true to yourself comes with a price, and more often than not, the consequences are hard to bear. As a gay person, struggling with the day to day prejudice that is stamped to my gender preference is quite a common scenario.

When I was in high school, I was often the subject of ridicule because of my sexuality. They would call me many names which I didn’t like hearing like “faggot”, “gay”, “fairy”, “sissy”, and many others.

People also mocked my scrawny and freckled face in a very demeaning way. Because of that, I was engulfed by self-pity and insecurity. There were times when I just wanted to give up.

When I reached College, I met some friends in a LGBT support group outside school who taught me to be brave. With them, I realized that I don’t have to change a strand of who I am.

One of the most endearing moments in the group is when we had activities wherein we exchanged ideas about being the best version of yourself no matter what other people say.

From the stories of my new friends, I figured out that I was never alone in this battle.

Some people, who have gotten it worse, still manage to wear a smile on their faces. So I figured out, “If they made it, why can’t I?” This pushed me to strive to become better and reinvent my paradigm in life.

Little by little, I learned how to handle insults and criticisms. I have come to acknowledge the adage that says, “You can’t please everybody.” This helped me to gather the shattered pieces of my ego. I had come into terms that it is not in other people’s limited view of perception to define your personality.

You just have to be the best version of yourself because like what the famous song of Mariah Carey says, “A hero lies in you…”


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