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About Us

Allurre Wang (Founder) | 王子儒 | CEO, Music Artist, Producer, Designer | LUXLIVIN ENT.

As part of our 2014 brand initiative in LUXLIVIN, we’ll now be reopening our Music Artist Development & Management program.
If you’d like to take your music career to greater heights, we’d love to help make that happen for you.

Please do note that this offer is only available in the following city: Shanghai, Bangkok

The following talent management and development positions are now available.


All talent will be given with highly professional artist imaging, growth development and business opportunities. Wehther it is landing you that commercial gig or performing in top-tier nightclubs in shanghai, we’ve got you covered.

Please email us at info@luxlivinonline.com while submitting your personal details and why you’d want to be part of our management.

Thank you.

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