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Why & How You Should Start Living Simply

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Living Simply – Why Not?

Ever wondered what it is to truly live? Especially when this world is plagued with pain and sorrow, how do we keep ourselves from all the negative energy?

Trying live simply; leading and nurturing a more simple life.

Here are the three best (very digestible)  ingredients to get you started on a high note.

Never Hold Grudges

Do not let grudges grow inside your heart. It will poison your heart, your veins, and eventually every bit of your existence.

Instead, plant a seed of gratitude inside your heart. Find goodness in everything. Appreciate somebody’s effort.

Thank someone who has helped you.

So whenever you are furious, drive to a beach nearby and write the things that made you mad, irritated, upset or depressed.

Scribble them one by one on the sand. Sit for awhile and slowly notice that the waves will erase them effortlessly.

Stop the bitterness. Be grateful for being alive!

Keep a Light Heart

Keep love overflowing inside your heart. Love is one of the reasons why we simply want to live.

To keep moving in life. To wake up each day.

Stop carrying a sack of burden and box of hatred with you. It will keep you immobile and static.

God hands you down two boxes. Place all your happy memories, laughter, smiles and cheerfulness inside Box A. Then place all your sorrow, anguish, troubles and misfortunes inside Box B.

Let days pass and then place both boxes in your palm. You will notice that Box A is heavy and Box B doesn’t weigh at all. You see the trick is God placed a hole in Box B.

Leave all the negativity. Keep a light healthy heart!

The Light of Hope

Hope keeps us going. Hope keeps us living.

Light a fire of hope inside your heart that keeps you alive, whether it be goals, dreams or passion.

Something that keeps your heart beating. Something that is worth fighting for.

Never dim your brightness.

The sorrow, anguish, troubles and misfortunes will gradually extinguish the light of hope. So light a fire of hope that is so powerful and immense that it will burn all the grudges and hatred inside your heart.

Stay away from darkness. Shine gracefully!

This world is complicated and sometimes it revolves in trial and error. But amidst all that life is full of wonder and beauty. Let go of the grudges, keep a light heart and continue to shine with a light of hope inside your heart.

Day by day, start living simply!

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