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The Hidden Power of Taking Notes

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Life is a University, So Take Notes

Studies show that writing is an effective way to commit things into memory. It is a technique that has been long known in the field of academe.

Whether you’re preparing for that major exam or mastering that Oral Presentation, writing down notes is sure one way to get the upper hand in overcoming difficulties in memorization.

But in order to accomplish note-taking efficiency, there are some things you must do to get the flow right.

Learn Outlining

An outline is an organized framework of your entire composition. It is vital for you to learn this for outlining allows the note-taker to get a bird’s eye view of the entire context in one glance.

It is somewhat like a summary in a skeletal format. This is great in reviewing long chapters of lessons or whenever you’re reporting in front of a class.

As a whole, an outline serves as quick-guide and a backbone of your write-up.

Don’t write everything.

In relation to outlining, knowing the key points of your topic helps you to keep track on important things about your text. Above all, this saves you time and increases your note-taking speed.

Plus, writing smartly proves that you understood the topic well by not just jotting everything you hear absentmindedly.

Use Abbreviations & Shortcuts

This is essential especially when you are taking down notes from a live discussion. With shorthand expressions for common words like and (&), with (w/), which (w/c) to expressions like also known as (aka), etcetera (etc); keeping up with the speaker becomes a whole lot easier.

Make use of Highlighters

When taking down notes, it could be a great boost on readability if you highlight main ideas and terms. With this, it will be easier to recognize key points the next time you decide to scan your text.

Listen Closely

This is probably the most important aspect of note-taking. Good listening skills ensure accuracy of the things you’ve written. Everything will probably go to waste if they prove to be inaccurate. Truly, Listening is the Key to Understanding.

Following these tips of mine, not only will you be a better note-taker but also possibly, a great student as well.

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