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3 Workable Ways: How To Get More Out of Life

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Getting More, Out of This Life

There are many ways to get more out out of life.

Many however, chase the wrong things. The media encourages to go for the vices: Money, fame, sex. The longest standing form (and probably most rewarding), is to first give. This reverse practice is most often counter intuitive to those who are resource-strapped. However, it can still be done with great returns if you stick to it.

1. Start with the Little Things

“Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things in life occupy the biggest part in our hearts.” – Unknown

Have you ever thanked someone today?
Have you smiled at a stranger today?
Have you offered a hand today?

All these kind acts are undervalued – and most don’t bother.

The small things are often the best ways to get more out of life – since it doesn’t cost you anything but your willingness. See the power behind the little things, and it will add up in many ways.

If you can’t start with the small things (or if you think you’re too good for it), you’ll never be able to manage the big ones. – Andrew Wang

Everybody is fighting their own battles, so why don’t you cheer up someone and show them kindness?

2. Don’t Demand; Don’t Command.

If you’d like someone to do something for you,  request politely. Whether you are the boss, manager or leader, always sprinkle kind words each time you make a request. Imagine yourself the end-receiver of your own words, how would you feel?

Saying “please” goes a long way, yet most of us fall short in just saying this. Put your pride and ego down.

Never Forget to say “Thank you.”

If someone has done something for you; no matter how big or small that is, the magic spell of the words “thank you” will always be valued. It will stay with that person. You don’t just acknowledge them, you make them feel valued.  Surely, that person will feel greatly appreciated and become happier too.

Secret to happy life

3. Never Forget to ‘Stay In Touch’ with Your Closed Ones

If you are busy with work, studies, daily life’s chores; never miss to greet the people that matters most to you. Stay in touch with your circle. Keep it tight. Don’t become too busy for them.

Whether it is Christmas or New Year and especially on birthdays; don’t scrimp on time with them. Take time to send them letters, postcards or emails. It pays to show that they are never forgotten.

In modern days like today, some will say that chivalry is dead. But if you are one of the few, you can prove them wrong.

The simple act of helping an old man to cross the street.
The simple act of kindness when you opened the door to a woman.
The simple act of giving back an excess coins in a shop.
The simple act of returning a stranger’s handkerchief that fell.


These simple acts are so extraordinary that it fuels up the heart and soul of a person.

We come back to the little things in life. The greatest things in life aren’t ‘things’ after all – it’s the accumulation of the small ones that are sustainable and repeatable. You don’t need the money, just the effort and energy.

The Next time you ask yourself: How can I get more out of life?

Start with giving. To get more out of life, give more of yourself.

“You can’t live a perfect day until you do something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” ― John Wooden

So don’t miss to thank someone today; flash a smile at a stranger tomorrow, and never hesitate to offer a hand every day.

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