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Must Read! Dreams Won’t Work Unless You Do

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Allurre Wang (Founder) | 王子儒 | CEO, Music Artist, Producer, Designer | LUXLIVIN ENT.

Your Dreams Won’t Work Unless You Do

That’s how the world spins.

Every one of us has a dream. You do. I do.

Deep within our hearts, we want to reach it. We want to push through it. We see ourselves walking towards our dream house, driving down interstate in our dream car. Having the “perfect” dream kid with our “dream” partners.

Then, as we have come to lavish the wonderful experience, the next thing we see is the ceiling of our bedrooms.

It was all but a dream.

I believe that every human being is a sleeping giant. Better yet, there is a giant that is sleeping within deep recesses of our human soul. That giant is named potential. Yes, every one of us has a potential from within.

What is our problem then?

We don’t use our potential in order for us to reach our dreams.

We all know that in order for us to turn our dreams into reality, we must make them realistic first, in what way?

This goes back to: Potential.

Know yourself and see where you are good at.

That one thing you can do for a lifetime, is your potential.

As you learn to identify that, put all your efforts in doing that one thing and make it the best possible. Never settle for a work that is less than your best. Never rest until your good becomes better and your better becomes best.

Only then, will you realize that you have made a big leap, a huge step, towards that dream of yours.

As I end, always remember; Dreams won’t work, unless you do.

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