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Are You Being True To Yourself?

It’s simple.

If anything a modest life as a college student can teach you, is that life lived simply can be just the very thing to make you happy. Happiness, contentedness, can come from a wide range of things. Extroverted people may feel good getting attention, while introverted people the polar opposite.

Competitive people love the rush of winning, while sedentary people are content with watching from the sidelines. There are many types of personalities and therefore many sources of happiness.

Part of living simply is by being true to yourself.

Recognize who you are and what are the actual things that make you happy, not the things others think should make you happy.

For example, society often –sometimes indirectly, sometimes in your face – tells you that you need to have kids to be happy, or have high paying jobs to be happy. Indeed, there are many people who acquire happiness from those things, and those things can facilitate you to gain other sources of happiness.

But they’re not absolutes.

There are people who feel fine being childless, and there are people who are content with having just enough money to cover their basic (and maybe secondary) needs.

It’s all up to you.

Sometimes peer pressure makes you pursue things you don’t really want or need. Sometimes promises of wealth blind you to what really makes you feel happy. You just have to question yourself.

Is this worth it?

Do I really want this?

Is this the type of pleasure that suits me?

When you’ve found the answer, go for it. Strive for it if it really makes you happy.

Even if you fail, if that pursuit really suits you, you may leave with the feeling that you’ve spent your energy well.

So, living simply is not just the cliched portrayal of living like an ascetic or convert into a hippy. It can also be about abandoning the unnecessary burden of striving for things that don’t make you happy. And finally, remember also: do what you like considerately!

Do your best to not burden other people while you lay off your own burden from your shoulders.


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