About Us

Our Mission: Optimizing You


What started as a a hi street fashion & music co. has now evolved into a digital media force, online retailing group and production house. Our mission is to empower & entertain our audience through digital sound & visuals.  This has been our philosophy since Oct. 2007.

Media Platforms: Streetwearxhiphop, Streetvoyage, TummyFriend

Production: Recquixit, MidasReach

Our latest “Go For Phenomenal” campaign has been designed to help you Optimize Your Life. To Make you a ten-times better than you were today, 10 days from now. Starting now.

Go For Phenomenal.

Music feeds our soul, and style influences our self-image and public influence.

LUXLIVIN 是上海本土的娱乐传媒公司,街头潮流时尚和音乐是我们的主打。


LUXLIVIN 是首家以Hip Hop文化为背景的传媒企业,不断勤勉奋斗、自我实现以及自我成长,我们前进的脚步不会停止。


LUXLIVIN 作为传媒管理公司,我们也为其他娱乐传媒公司提供服务,我们管理国际双语艺人、DJ以及制作人的联络和洽谈。

LUXLIVIN is pioneering a urban digital culture that promotes self-actualization & constant personal growth. The curtain never comes down on self-improvement.

We are here to raise the stakes by supplying fuel to your dream-chasing tank. No matter how unforgiving the industry is, or how laborious life is at times, we will always have an appetite to grind, grow, and give.

LUXLIVIN also serves as a talent management agency providing services to other industry sectors with its roster of international bilingual artists/djs/producers.


Prior to becoming the CEO and mastermind behind the LUXLIVIN movement, Andrew Wang (Allurre | allurrewang.com) was a veteran rapper and prolific songwriter who began winning music competitions at the age of fourteen and garnering radio airplay for self-composed hit songs at age seventeen.

Most know him as the punch line playboy with his exceptionally witty and clever lyrics, he’s also a beat-making connoisseur, video producer, and digital marketing specialist. That’s man roles to juggle – but with over a decade polishing his skill within these areas, you can bet he does them well.

Andrew Wang is CEO, Artist, Producer, Designer of LUXLIVIN. For more details, check out his personal site at : www.allurrewang.com

Services span from artist consultation, artist development, creative song directing, song writing/composition (Hip Hop, R&B), and song production (beat making).

Having been conceived in the modest living room of a college student, it may be difficult for one to believe that LUXLIVIN has evolved into one of South East Asias meteoric rising entertainment strongholds.

Although LUXLIVIN ENT. is based in Bangkok, the company has established a prominent global network for the distribution of its music and fashion line.

在策划创办 LUXLIVIN之前, CEO —Andrew Wang本身是一位说唱歌手,也是一位经验丰富的作曲人。他从14岁起便开始在各个音乐比赛中获奖,17岁时原创的歌曲,成为电台播放的热门歌曲。

大多数的人以为Andrew Wang是俱乐部的玩咖,他的歌词抒情而不失幽默诙谐。这个掌控节奏的音乐人,还管理着Luxlivin的运作和发展。

Andrew Wang 是 LUXLIVIN 的 CEO、艺人、制作人和设计师。想了解他更多?上他的个人主页吧:www.allurrewang.com

服务包括: 艺人咨询磋商,艺人发展规划,歌曲创作指导,歌曲写作/创作(Hip Hop,R&B),歌曲制作(Beat making)

这可能很难想象,LUXLIVIN 从最初一个大学生在自家客厅的设想,到如今成为东南亚州迅速发展崛起的娱乐传媒大本营。

LUXLIVIN 最初在曼谷成立,如今公司已经凭借着其对音乐以及时尚行业的贡献, 建立起强大的全球网络。