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LUXLIVIN can simply be defined as an urban entertainment company specializing in hip-hop music and street wear fashion; all packed with a corporate punch.


Launched in October 2007, our ultimate philosophy is to empower, motivate and inspire a whole generation of young entrepreneurs and business savvy individuals. This is attained through providing positive and inspiring music alongside clothing garments, all designed with thought provoking business-themed messages.


Essentially, LUXLIVIN is pioneering a corporate hip-hop culture that promotes diligence, self-actualization and personal growth. The curtain never comes down on self-improvement.


We are here to raise the stakes by supplying fuel to your dream-chasing tank. No matter how unforgiving the industry is, or how laborious life is at times, we will always have an appetite to grind, day in & day out.



LUXLIVIN also serves as a talent management agency providing services to other entertainment sectors with its roster of international bilingual artists/djs/producers.


Services span from artist consultation, artist development, creative song directing, song writing/composition (Hip Hop, R&B), and song production (beat making).


Having been conceived in the modest living room of a college student, it may be difficult for one to believe that LUXLIVIN has evolved into one of South East Asias meteoric rising entertainment strongholds. Although LUXLIVIN ENT. is based in Bangkok, the company has established a prominent global network for the distribution of its music and fashion line.

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